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We manufacture EPDM colored rubber granules which are solid, versatile, resistant, eco-accommodating and flexible materials perfect for safety surfacing. EPDM rubber granules are bond nearby with a reasonable PU (polyurethane) folio to fulfill every one of your requirements for an impeccable surface. Surfaces created with EPDM rubber granules are perfect for both indoor and open air establishments where physical sports activities generally occur, for example, sport centers, kids playgrounds, running tracks and some more.

EPDM rubber is a sort of engineered rubber which can have an extensive variety of uses.. The E alludes to ethylene, P to propylene, D to diene and M alludes to its grouping in ASTM standard D-1418.

EPDM rubber is essentially utilized in light of its imperviousness to extremes of temperature and its general toughness.

Elements of EPDM

1.       EPDM is tough

2.       EPDM rubber is a separator (for heat, air, and power)

3.       EPDM is resistant to heat.

4.       EPDM is water permeable.

5.       EPDM is versatile.

6.       EPDM is resistant to steam.

7.       EPDM ingests sound.

8.       EPDM does not dirty the earth.

9.       EPDM is good with antacids, hot and icy water, ketones and pressure driven liquids.

10.     EPDM is versatile.

11.     EPDM is slip resistant

12.     EPDM is accessible in various colors.

EPDM Coloured Rubber Granules are the best decision to use at:

1.       Playground Surfacing

2.       Factory stories

3.       Airport stories

4.       Aircraft shed floors

5.       Volleyball and tennis courts

6.       Sport Center floors

7.       Fitness Center floors

8.       Hospital stories

9.       Football fields

10.     Tennis courts

11.     Golf fields

12.     Running tracks

We fabricate diverse colors of EPDM rubber granules as per our client needs. If it's not too much trouble for more data and our test report that shows great execution comes about get in touch with us.