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Ecolastic® EPDM Granules

Fairmont Industries offers 3 different grades of EPDM granules suitable for all applications required by the rubber sports and safety surfacing industry.

EPDM Granules
EPDM Granules
EPDM Granules

ecolastic play EPDM Granules

EPDM granules designed for softness, resiliency and color fading resistance. Ecolastic® Play EPDM Granules is suitable for the installation of wet pour safety surfacing in playgrounds and jogging tracks.


80 Red
82 Ash
87 Graphite
earth yellow
88 Earth Yellow
89 Brown
93 Beige
94 Eggshell
95 White
98 Cream
100 Teal
tea green
108 Tea Green
navy blue
109 Navy Blue
118 Olive
denim blue
124 Denim
125 Jungle
126 Royale


83 Yellow
Light Blue
85 Light Blue
Forest Green
90 Forest Green
Apple Green
91 Apple Green
92 Purple
Bright Red
96 Bright Red
Bright Orange
104 Bright Orange
127 Sakura

Ecolastic Play EPDM granules offers a range of 24 standard colors EPDM Granules. Contemporaries range which are inorganic in nature have longer colour stability in contrast to Radiants range which are organic in nature. We therefore recommend the usage of Aliphatic binder (code: 1300-4) with our Radiants range.

These colors EPDM Granules are always kept in stock and ready to ship at a moment's notice. Custom color EPDM Granules can be designed and produced specifically according to customers' requirements.

ecolastic pace EPDM Granules

EPDM granules designed for durability and polyurethane compatibility. Ecolastic® Pace EPDM Granule is suitable for the installation of economical tracks as well as highly competitive World Athletic™ certified tracks.

124 Denim
125 Jungle
126 Royale
128 Brick

The four standard and recommended colors for Ecolastic® Pace EPDM Granules is Brick, Denim, Jungle and Royale. Other colors can be customized according to customer requirements.

We also contract manufacture for top-tier European running track system houses. This signifies their recognition of our product quality and our ability to compete with other global players. For the brochure and more information on the technical specifications, please download it from Resources.

ecolastic score EPDM Granules

EPDM granules designed for safety and cost efficiency. Ecolastic® Score EPDM Granules is suitable for usage as infill for artificial football turf.

97 Light Green
117 Mint Green
apple green
118 Olive

Three colors are available in sizes 0.5-3.0mm and 0.5-2.5mm. By virtue of being non-black in color, EPDM infill provides for a cooler surface as it does not absorb heat as much as its black SBR counterparts.

As concerns over health implications cause by prolonged exposure to SBR granules (styrene-butadiene rubber)grows worldwide, an increasing number of sports, recreation and health organizations worldwide are beginning to endorse the usage of EPDM infill over the more traditional SBR granules. The PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) and carcinogenic elements which are tend to be found in SBR granules are not detected or below hazardous levels in our Ecolastic® Score EPDM granules. The brochure and technical specifications for our EPDM infill can be downloaded from Resources(link to Resources page).
non toxic
pah free