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Pour in Place Rubber Flooring

Poured in place rubber playground surfacing is meant for playground safety purposes is among the most durable and sturdy options for flooring and also it won't require a lot of maintenance from your end compared to other flooring options. The poured in place rubber would be most common safety surfacing form usable in playgrounds and this is vital for keeping everything well maintained. This is easily done through conventional cleaning for ensuring that this remains in the best available condition for children for playing on. Sweeping surface also while brushing away the leaves, flowers and any other debris keeps safety surface in optimum condition. The surface cleaning with weak solution of washing-up-liquid through the use of jet wash or pressure washer also helps in keeping this draining while maintenance of slip-resistance.

The below reference images are of completed projects using our Ecolastic® and/or Airethane brand of products worldwide:

Playground Safety Surfacing

The use of EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) type of rubber has developed among the most common safety forms of surfacing for outdoor areas and playgrounds. This is mainly used due to the effectiveness and durability of rubber granules in reduction of injury risk to the child at play. This also provides cushioned landing in case a child gets fallen through height. This flooring option is quite kind while running and jumping. Also this is used as it is slip resistant, porous and can be maintained without a lot of hassle. EPDM rubber surfacing commonly gets installed in two different layers, a wearing course and also a shock pad. The very first is consisting of huge rubber chunks that are called SBR (styrene butadiene rubber) and the section for providing absorbency of impact. Also this is available in other thicknesses. The second also involves small granule EPDM for providing strength to the surface. The two layers can also bound together through polyurethane resin binder that harden for forming final playground surface for safety.

  • Playground Safety Surfacing
  • Playground Safety Surfacing
  • Playground Safety Surfacing
  • Playground Safety Surfacing
Playground Safety Surfacing Playground Safety Surfacing Playground Safety Surfacing Playground Safety Surfacing

Jogging Tracks Flooring

Polyurethane athletic tracks for jogging are among systems that are highly advanced surfacing systems ideal for providing runner with higher surface level performance while cushioning with safe training. The EPDM jogging and athletic track surface systems are made up of proprietary poly Resin binder for striking fine balance between dynamic responses for runner through running track performance while cushioning appropriately to get additional safety.
The jogging track surface is made through polyurethane component material, EPDM and black SBR rubber that is applied through spray pumps and other machines.
EPDM rubber granules for jogging tracks provide:

  • Better elasticity
  • Higher water resistance
  • Rebound professional force comfort
  • Characteristic of spike resistance
  • Slip resistance

The polyurethane running tracks surface is applicable for asphalt, cement and concrete surfaces for indoors and outdoors as well.

  • Jogging Tracks Flooring
  • Jogging Tracks Flooring
  • Jogging Tracks Flooring
Jogging Tracks Flooring Jogging Tracks Flooring Jogging Tracks Flooring

Synthetic Running Tracks Surfaces

With natural rubber (EPDM) you get some great properties of waterproofing, high insulation for elastic, lower specific gravity, cold, pressure, heat, and after treating appropriately through alkali. The advanced partition design can also maximize recovery with energy absorption. Also the rubber is available in all weather resistance usable in different seasons and temperatures as well. The vulcanized embossed surfaces offer great elasticity along with duration that is unmatchable.
The end outcome is seamless and continuous material. That offers higher elasticity and cushioning, making the flooring safer and flexible as well, which helps for prevention of damage and performance. The flooring complies well with IAAF.

  • Maximized athlete safety
  • Higher performance and durability of running track
  • Non-toxic, recyclable and non-pollutant with environment friendliness
  • All weather usage for indoors as well as outdoors
  • Quite good performance for electrical insulation, aging, impact resistance and corrosion
  • Simple to maintain and is quite convenient for installation

  • Synthetic Running Tracks
  • Synthetic Running Tracks
Synthetic Running Tracks Synthetic Running Tracks

Indoor Sports Flooring

The EPDM rubber flooring is ideal for indoor sports such as gymnasiums, Pilates or Yoga studios, tennis courts, playgrounds and other common areas in Malaysia. These specialize at yielding a lot of friction for a few sports However, the flooring choice won’t be ideal for martial arts, dancing and any other similar activity where the feet surface turns without grip.

However, for indoor activities the wet pour rubber surfaces needs to be selected carefully as it requires higher resistance and durability for its wear and tear compared to smaller community centers, even when sports activity remains same, etc. Rubber flooring ensures longevity for sports flooring.
There are a lot of options for flooring ranging from a wide variety of patterns, styles and colors for brightening play areas while bringing delights for kids of different ages.

  • Indoor Sports Flooring
  • Indoor Sports Flooring
Indoor Sports Flooring Indoor Sports Flooring