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With no less than 15 years of experienced in the field, Fairmont Polymers (established in Malaysia) manufactures and distributes a variety of ecolastic® products all over the world. The company is renowned for the high quality of the products, as well as the product consistency and the UV stability.

Fairmont Polymers Malaysia manufactures a wide range of products, from Ecolastic® Coloured EPDM Granules to grass infill, pre-coloured SBR granules, polyurethane binders, coating and a wealth of track materials. The grass infill is amongst the most sought-after products at the moment, as this material is very versatile and it can be easily adapted to a variety of settings and environments.


Fairmont Polymers offers Ecolastic® TPV Grass Infill materials that are available in three different colors: green, gray and beige. Nonetheless, customers can order various other colors and sizes, if they meet their needs better. The Ecolastic® TPV Grass Infill provided by is peroxide cured, long-lasting and durable and it does not contain any traces of zinc, sulphur or aromatic oils whatsoever, and this aspect makes them very safe. The sizes vary between 0.5-2.5mm or 1-3 mm, although this is not an universal rule and Fairmont Polymers can deliver a wide range of different sizes. Currently, the grass infill is being tested to FIFA requirements.

Grass infill is very important as it provides a solid structure for artificial grass fibers - it allows them to stand straight and it also expands their life span. Without the use of grass infill material, the polyethylene fibers would simply lay flat. Besides, the infill also ensures a flexible and comfortable turf, it is very easy to install it with the help of a spreader and then it will simply work its magic into the grass fiber. Artificial grass infill systems are designed to be durable in the long haul, they withstand the test of time and they bear a lot more traffic compared to non-infill artificial systems.

The grass infill is widely used for football pitches, tennis courts and similar sports applications with heavy foot traffic. Some customers order grass infill for residential use as well, for playgrounds and areas for pets or around the swimming pool. Otherwise stated, grass infill materials are perfect both for residential and for commercial applications, and it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Grass infill systems have several important advantages for sports applications, and two of the most important ones are that they provide shock absorbency along with turf stabilization: the grass infill is stable and consistent, as well as environmentally-friendly. Moreover, these systems are easy to maintain and can prevent over-stretch ligaments as they are very stable. The purpose of grass infill materials is to increase the safety of the sports players, to increase the strength as well as to improve the performance of the artificial grass systems. Also, the material is very comfortable and does not give any negative odor whatsoever - it is easy and safe to install and use, and it is perfect for a wealth of sports applications.