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Outdoor Rubber Flooring for Playgrounds

When looking for flooring for an outdoor playground flooring, rubber flooring makes the best safety flooring choice. Rubber flooring shields the children from unlikely accidents and offer good floor defense in playgrounds. Rubber flooring is simple to install and affordable. Rubber flooring for playground is comfortable, durable, elastic, and high in shock absorption. Outdoor rubber flooring for playground is available as poured rubber, mats, loose mulch, tiles, or synthetic turf.

Outdoor Rubber flooring for playgrounds is the safety surfacing area around and below the slides, swings, playground equipment, and monkey bars. Rubber flooring for playground is designed for ADA access for strollers and wheelchair movement, child safety, and aesthetics. This rubber flooring for playground is made of natural rubber or recycled rubber tires.

Needs for Rubber Flooring for Playground

Rubber flooring is designed to add spring and padding underfoot for outdoor playground. Rubber flooring comes in different colors, styles, and qualities making it a very versatile flooring choice, particularly for playgrounds. Rubber flooring provides a ground cover that cannot be removed or kicked away with little hands. Rubber flooring for playground does not cause injury unlike the rough concrete or asphalt flooring. Some falls can be life-threatening and with rubber flooring, they can be curbed or avoided.

Types of Outdoor Rubber Flooring for Playground

  • Solid rubber flooring - Rubber flooring is the safest types of floooring with the least maintenance. Rubber flooring comes in two kinds. One pour in place that is poured on a base with a cushioned smooth surface. Another one is rubber tiles which interlink and fit together resulting in a solid rubber surface. Rubber floooring is ADA accessible, resistant to slipping, and a little expensive.
  • Rubber Mulch - This rubber surface is made using shredded rubber or rubber nuggets. When it comes to price, rubber flooring is an affordable solution. Recycled tires are ground to give rubber mulch. They provide a cushioned and soft surface. They are eco-friendly as they are made from recycled rubber tires. Since rubber is non-biodegradable, the best way to use them to save the environment is by recycling them.

Advantages of Rubber Flooring for Playground

Rubber flooring makes great flooring for playgrounds and many other spaces. Rubber flooring unique properties make it an unique flooring choice for playground. Rubber flooring is safe, durable, shock-absorbing, scratch-resistant, and so on.

Rubber Flooring for Playground has The Below Advantages:

  • Nonconductive - Rubber doesn't conduct electricity naturally. It is primarily used as an insulator for playground flooring. You need not worry regarding electricity moving through in case of an unlikely incident. Since it is non-conductive, it helps in preventing the buildup of static as well.
  • Resistant to Bacteria - Rubber flooring is growth resistant to bacteria and mold. It makes a well-known choice for locations that require to avoid the germ spread like playgrounds. Rubber flooring for playground creates a safe space to play for kids and a healthy space for adults as well.
  • Slip-resistant - It is resistant to slipping which makes individuals who can be vulnerable to slip safe on rubber flooring. In water or other liquids spill-prone situation with kids in playgrounds, rubber flooring makes a safety surfacing option.
  • Resilient in areas of high-impact - Rubber flooring for playground does not impact like other materials used for flooring like wood, concrete, etc. Also, rubber flooring maintains its look despite its rigorous and impactful use.
  • Absorbent - Rubber flooring for playground is sound and impact absorbent but not to liquids. So, when kids play or jump, it is not tough on the joints. It gives you versatility in your play space.
  • Simple to install - Rubber flooring for playground is easier to set up and depends on the type of rubber flooring used.
  • Versatile - Rubber flooring for playground is made of rubber sap from rubber trees or made of all-weather recycled rubber tires. Rubber flooring is durable, comfortable, and elastic.
  • The best material for safety - Rubber floorings make the safest and durable flooring for playground under a swingset. This is because of its various properties such as shock absorbent, soft, cushioned, and impact resistant. Rubber mulch is very commonly used under swings to keep them safe.
  • Buffering and shielding - Rubber mulch, specific to the playground give you buffering to injuries and impacts when there is a chance of a child falling on the playground. Rubber flooring can withstand heavy traffic. Rubber flooring does not blow away or absorb water, unlike wood chips.
  • Easy to maintain - Rubber flooring for playground is easy to maintain. Rubber flooring do not absorb water and look good even with impact all over the year. Rubber flooring does not break down with weather changes. Take a broom or a garden hose and blow off the dust, rubber flooring can come back to their glory. A mild detergent should help to maintain its attraction and appearance. Unlike concrete or wooden flooring, rubber flooring is not broken often to replace them.
  • Affordable - Cost-wise rubber flooring is affordable as they do not get destroyed easily. Rubber flooring low maintenance and longevity make it less expensive as compared to other potential playground floorings.

How is Poured Rubber Flooring for Playground Created?

Poured rubber flooring/surface for playground is made of 2 layers, the first being the wear layer and the second being the cushion layer. They are poured into space where the flooring is done.

Let's Take a Look at Some of its Aspects:

  • Thickness layer - The wear layer is 3/8" thick. It is made of TPV or EPDM granules. Cushion layer is 1" to 5" thick and made of recycled or crumb rubber tires.
  • Binding - The raw rubber is bound together or made on site. Binding is done with a polyurethane binder.
  • Standards - These rubber floorings are ADA accessible and meet national standards for safety.
  • EPDM granules - EPDM granules provide resiliency, resistance to color fading, and softness.
  • Binder - Airethane Polyurethane binder is used for primer coverage to line paints for safety and sports flooring.
  • Components - Single component is utilized for west pour and other series for varied needs of an installer.

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Rubber flooring for playgrounds is made from recycling tires. This way they help the environment and safety. Rubber flooring for playgrounds provides durability, are UV resistant, moisture resistant, and abrasion-resistant. Their strength levels are enhanced as they are made from vehicle tires. They are also easy to bind together. Rubber flooring makes an excellent option for kids to play and walk. Rubber flooring for playground is shock absorbent and minimize the injury impact. It is eco-friendly due to recycling. Overall, outdoor rubber flooring is the safest and best flooring choice for playgrounds.