Compete And Conquer. Victory Begins Here.

Compete and conquer with our advanced, reliable, and durable ECOLASTIC® PACE EPDM rubber granules. Constant improvement over twenty-five years, our ECOLASTIC® PACE rubber granules are the first in Asia to meet performance requirements for both leisure and sport track material, that meets the World Athletic™ standards.

Product Features

ECOLASTIC® - PACE - Playground 01
ECOLASTIC® - PACE - Playground 02
ECOLASTIC® - PACE - Playground 03
PACE Denim 124
124 Denim
PACE Jungle 125
125 Jungle
PACE Royale 126
126 Royale
PACE Brick 128
128 Brick

Bounce into Performance.

Introducing ECOLASTIC® PACE Xsorb, a smarter choice for your joints and muscles.Engineered to absorb impact effectively, ECOLASTIC® PACE Xsorb is the ideal solution to elevate your sport track’s shock-absorbing capabilities, at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional SBR base. Its foam alike characteristic seamlessly integrate into your running track system, ensuring a safer and more comfortable running experience for athletes of all levels.

Invest in the future of track with ECOLASTIC® PACE Xsorb. It is the essential choice for forming a sport track system that champions athletes’ safety and comfort.

PACE Xsorb Red 80
80 Red

Natural colours may vary from the actual product when viewed on print/screen mode. Samples are available upon request. We strongly advise the sighting of actual samples before selection is made as Fairmont will not be held responsible for variation in the colours selected and the end product received.