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The Benefits of Wet Pour Playground Safety Surfacing

A playground should be a safe place for children. They should have maximum fun time due to ideal flooring. This means that potential injuries or accidents could be totally averted. Safety surfacing is, therefore, an important condition for a playground. At Fairmont industries, we manufacture the ultimate safety surfacing materials. Our products will meet all your flooring requirements and needs. Read on, to know the benefits of wet pour safety surfacing.

Customizable in Design
Our wet pour rubber flooring can be customized. They come in a wide range of colours for you to choose the best. There are different sizes that you could also pick from. Since it is highly-versatile, you can design or style the floors. This can include shapes, letters, numbers, and characters that children can relate to. The end result is attractive and breath-taking. This way, they will enjoy being at the playground. You can add features to the floors to satisfy your preferences and tastes. We are working tirelessly to make sure that you have the best products. For this reason, our experts are testing new products that will meet your standards.

Porous and Weather Resistant
The rubber granules that we make are perfect for safety surfacing. This is because they are porous enough to be re-used. The rubber floors allow water to pass through when rained on. They don’t accumulate water making the playground inaccessible. The wet pour rubber flooring does not any puddles. Thus, children can go back to playing after the rains subside. Its porous nature makes it convenient for children to have ample play time. Maintenance is easy because you don’t have to replace the floor every now and then.

We don’t compromise with quality when it comes to the rubber materials. You will get thick rubber granules of 1.44mm. The type of thickness is also budget-friendly. To get a tough material, we blend the rubber with other materials. They can be mixed with aromatic resin which is not pricey at all. It can also be mixed with aliphatic resin which is a bit costly. Our wet pour rubber flooring products are thick, to sustain the ground. That is why there are the base and the protective layer which give the optimal services. Depending on the playground, we can advise you regarding the ideal depth or thickness. There are a lot of sizes to choose from our top-class selection.

Used for all surface Types
Our rubber granules can be used on all surfaces. It doesn’t matter whether they are flat or sloppy. You can be assured that our products will work on any surface to get a secure playground. The uneven playgrounds are also in the list. Therefore, wet pour rubber flooring can make the surfaces even. In the end, children will have a safe haven as they play which is vital for their growth.

Consequently, wet pour safety surfacing is crucial for children’s safety. Our materials are of high quality for safety surfacing. You can get them in all colours and sizes that you need. The outcome will be an appealing playground that makes playing fun. The ability to model them is the highlight of the products. At Fairmont Industries, we give you durable solutions. The rubber granules can drain the water away making them last longer. If you need standard rubber flooring materials, Fairmont Industries has the best. In fact, we are working on new products that will exceed your expectations.