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Why Choose an EPDM Rubber Flooring

Whether you are renovating or constructing any type of building, one key factor that you need to consider is the type of flooring. It is what determines the general outlooks of the structure based on the favoured design and layout. Your type of flooring also determines the feel and permanency of the homestead or any other type of structure.

EPDM rubbers are common types of flooring materials. Due to their versatility, they can be used in almost any type of structure. Their scope of functionality ranges from roofing to guttering and finally, to flooring. Owing to the materiality of the granules, they are popular in children playgrounds. Here are the reasons why you need to choose an EPDM rubber for your next flooring project.

EPDM Rubber Flooring is Flexible

EPDM rubbers are highly flexible. They can be recycled and designed into different shades and outlooks. Depending on your personal preferences, you can go for rubbers that look like cedar, slate or tiles. As a result, you are free to choose which shape or design pattern that augurs well with the general theme of the homestead or any other structure.

Secondly, different colour options mean a lot when it comes to flooring. Colours are mood setters. They are also used in zoning open-layout structures. With a wide range of colours, you can choose what befit you. And, of course, the combinations that work well for your structure.

EPDM Rubber Flooring is Seamless

For large floors such as playgrounds, many contractors usually opt for one sheet of the EPDM rubbers. This not only guarantees an easy installation process but also minimize leakages. However, since most floorings are done on the surface level and on the top of the foundation, leakages are not much of a problem. But, it is good to have a proofed floor. Accumulation of liquids under any flooring materials usually results in moisture build-ups, odd smell and damages.

Additionally, Seamless EPDM rubber flooring is easy to fix when damaged. You can do it through a basic DIY process without roping help from contractors. That means a lot when it comes to saving your hard-earned cash. Finally, you can opt for an exclusive waterproofing membrane sheet for the flooring process.

EPDM Rubber Flooring is Cost Effective

These synthetic elastomers offer a wide array of customized solutions. Depending on the company, there are sheets for stencilling, fabric and smooth surface finishing, talc-free grade, customized dimensions and hole punching. Meaning, as a buyer, you have a variety of options that serve your good. Secondly, depending on the option you choose, you will realize that the granulated sheets are cheaper than most flooring options out there. Otherwise, the net price of the sheet is determined by its surface area and thickness.

EPDM Rubber Flooring is Extremely Resistant

EPDM rubber feature unique designs and materiality. Their chemical compositions render them highly resistant to other oxidizing chemicals, fire, UV light or Ozone gasses and heat. It produces a very low amount of smoke and can extinguish low-rated infernos. Even in open fields, extreme weather conditions do not affect the functionality of the flooring material neither can its composition be distorted. An Ideal EPDM rubber flooring works well in a temperature range between -30 to 130 degrees Celsius. They also offer excellent insulation value of about 2.2

EPDM Rubber Flooring is Durable

Durability is the first buyer's scope when looking for the best flooring solution. It determines how best the material offers value for money. The most popular reason why many people opt for EPDM rubber is their high-end resiliency. Most customized rubber options out there last for over 20 years. To a homeowner, that is enough to decide on how your next building or structure is going to look like.

On the other hand, it is a popular belief that any durable flooring material should be hard-surfaced. This is not the case with EPDM rubber. They are soft and come with cork, foam rubbers or extra fabrics. It is for this reason that they make good options when it comes to exercise and playroom floors.