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Performance through Innovation

EPDM Rubber Granules Manufacturer in Malaysia

Be it innovation in material design, production process or customer care solutions, Fairmont Industries is adamant in providing only the best EPDM granules and PU products for our customers.

Guided by this principle, we produce and distribute a wide range of EPDM rubber granules and PU products under our Ecolastic® and Airethane brand. Fairmont supplies to domestic and international markets across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Our global presence is carefully coordinated with subsidiaries and distributors based in Australia, France, India, North America, Poland, Russia, Spain, Turkey, Turkmenistan and the United Kingdom providing the necessary support and service to our customers.

The manufacturing operations of Fairmont are based in Malaysia and we are an ISO: 9001 certified manufacturer. We commenced manufacturing since 1998 and have accumulated a track record of more than 23 years manufacturing experience.

Our processes are closely monitored under stringent quality control by our dedicated staff ensuring our products' consistency and quality.

We are committed to continuous research and development to improve the quality of our Ecolastic® EPDM sports granules and Airethane PU products. Offering solutions in the form of the complete range of raw materials required for a sports surface installation, Fairmont Industries is truly a one-stop centre for rubber flooring materials.

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  • Ready stock available
  • Able to cater to volume orders and customised requirements
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  • Continuous product improvement and new product innovation
  • Independent laboratory certificates
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  • Stringent quality control processes
  • ISO: 9001 certified manufacturer

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  • Technical support
  • 23 years' experience in the industry and counting
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  • Worldwide distributors in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia
  • Products exported to more than 60 countries worldwide