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Fairmont Industries is a Malaysia EPDM rubber granules factory specializing in poured in place rubber playground surfacing and outdoor playground rubber flooring. Our core products include the entire range of safety materials required for the installation of outdoor EPDM rubber flooring, pour in place rubber playground surfacing, EPDM safety surfacing, rubber sports flooring and rubber athletic flooring. With major emphasis placed on research and development, we have designed different grades of Ecolastic® EPDM granules and Airethane PU products to cater for each specific application required for recreational, rubber outdoor playground flooring, rubber safety surfaces and rubber sports flooring. EPDM rubber granules, polyurethane binders, primers, sealers, coatings and even SBR granules are all included in our rubber flooring product range. This complete range of rubber flooring products makes Fairmont Industries a one-stop manufacturer for outdoor rubber flooring, rubber sports flooring, rubber playground safety materials and rubber surfaces materials.

Our non-core products are customized polymer solutions and specialized chemicals. This includes but is not limited to polyurethane adhesives, rubber moldable products, latex compounds, polyvinyl chloride resins, thermoplastic elastomer sheets, rubber process oils and plasticizers for industrial usage.


Ecolastic® EPDM Granules

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Fairmont Industries have been at the forefront of EPDM outdoor flooring, outdoor rubber sports flooring, rubber playground flooring and rubber safety surfacing materials industry for almost two decades, constantly innovating and supplying quality raw materials to our customers worldwide. Our range of Ecolastic® EPDM rubber granules are suitable for all applications such as wet pour rubber surfacing for playgrounds, synthetic running tracks, artificial football turf infill and many others.
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EPDM rubber granules suitable for recreational wet pour and outdoor rubber flooring and playground safety surfacing.

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EPDM rubber granules designed for synthetic running tracks and outdoor playground rubber flooring and sports flooring.

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EPDM rubber granules made for usage as rubber infill for artificial football turf.
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Airethane PU Products

Airethane PU Products
Prime. Bind. Seal. Coat.

Designed and modified by our dynamic and robust research & development team, our polyurethane flooring products cater for all your outdoor rubber flooring, rubber sports flooring, rubber playgroud safety materials and rubber safety surfacing needs. With our state-of-the-art laboratory, we emphasize on continous product improvement and innovation.
airethane 1000series
Consists of single component polyurethane primer and polyurethane binders for pour in place rubber surfacing for recreational and athletic flooring installation.

airethane 2000series
Consists of two component polyurethane flexible sealers and coatings for outdoor flooring for playgrounds, rubber sports flooring and rubber safety surfacing.
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customized polymer solutions

Customized Polymer Solutions

Customized Polymers Solutions (CPS) products have wide industrial applications and is used in industries such as foam rebonding, outdoor rubber playground flooring, rubber safety surfacing, rubber sports flooring, road construction, automotive and many more. Our technically qualified team will work closely with each customer to understand their requirements in order to develop customised products in terms of design, specifications and cost. We are able to develop new products or modify our existing products to better suit our customers requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require our CPS service and we will be happy to meet with you to understand your needs.

Airethane Industrial Products

The Airethane Industrial Products brand encompasses our polyurethane 1K binder for industrial use.

Airethane 1600Airethane 1600

Airethane 1600 is a clear, low viscosity, solvent- free, single component, moisture-curing tile moulding binder based on polyether polyols. It is suited for use as a binder for the manufacturing of outdoor rubber playground flooring and rubber safety flooring and other similar products using EPDM rubber granules or buffings from tyres. The low viscosity of Airethane 1600 facilitates mixing with this form of rubber.

Airethane 1700Airethane 1700

Airethane 1700 is a clear, low viscosity, solvent- free, single component, moisture-curing binder based on polyether polyols for rebonding polyurethane foam and latex foam. It is suitable for used in mattress, carpet underlay and others similar type of applications. The low viscosity of Airethane 1700 facilitates mixing with both polyurethane and latex foam.

Airethane 1900Airethane 1900

Airethane 1900 is a solvent- free, unfilled, single component, moisture-curing, fast cure composition based on polyether polyols. It is generally used as a laminating adhesive and is particularly suitable for the bonding of paper based materials. It can also be used on surfaces such as chipboard, galvanized steel, plastics, glass, wood, cork, polyurethane foam and mineral wool.

Ecolastic® NVH Sheets Series

The Ecolastic® NVH Sheets Series encompasses our thermoplastic elastomer rubber sheet products that is suitable for the application of sound and vibration dampening purposes.

Ecolastic® NVH (Noise Vibration Harshness) sheet is a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) based sheet that is used for insulation for automobile industry and other acoustic applications like under layers in laminates and insulations. The products are manufactured in density ranging from 1.6 to 2.0 and thickness available from a minimum of 1mm. The stringent quality check of product is supported by well-equipped laboratory and sound technical support.

Ecolastic® NVH Sheetsis produced from Aireprene, a chemically modified polyolefin based elastomer. It is a thermoplastic elastomer based sheet that is used for sound deadening insulation in the automobile industry. Other uses are for acoustic applications such as underlays to be laminated with other sound absorbent materials used as noise insulation sheets and for heat insulation.

Currently, Fairmont supplies its Ecolastic® NVH Sheets to first-tier suppliers of car manufacturers such Honda, Toyota, Proton and Perodua. These sheets are produced based on each specific customer's requirements. The properties of the NVH sheets depends on thickness, shape and configuration design and is modified based on whether the sheets is to be combined with felt or PU foam as per the requirements of the end product.

Aireprene Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) Series

Aireprene TPE series is a series of chemically modified polyolefins based elastomer which varies at various physical and thermal properties and specifically made based on customer requirements. Aireprene TPE series comes in different grades which can be use in various applicationsfor both rubber and plastic machineries. With good basic properties such as tensile strength, elongation at break, hardness, softening point, compression-set as well as low specific gravity, it is comparable and yet better than existing TPE materials such as SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene) and SEBS (styrene ethylene butylene styrene). Currently the Aireprene TPE series is undergoing further development.


Ecoxis is a new generation non-phthalate plasticizer that has excellent compatibility with PVC resin, NBR and other polar-based rubber when used along with other primary plasticizers such as DOP/DPP/DPHP/TOTM/DOA and secondary plasticizers such as chlorinated paraffin.

The usage of Ecoxis along with primary & secondary plasticizers will result in enhanced thermal stability and in turn increases the run time. Increasing the dosage of Ecoxis will lead to more thermal stability. Ecoxis can be used for all PVC, NBR and polar based rubber products flexible applications such as PVC cable compounds, PVC leather cloths, PVC films, PVC sheets, PVC flooring, PVC medical compound, PVC shoe compound, and PVC flexible pipes as partial replacement of primary plasticizer ranging from 2% to 75% depending on the end product.

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