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Benefits of Rubber Surfaces For Athletic & Sports Flooring

The idea of choosing a suitable athletic flooring material is that you consider maximizing the use of your new investment and understand the activity and movement impact on the sports surface. If you are planning to use one of the best floor covering material options for athletic and sports surface then you may have to consider the use of rubber athletic flooring.

Different sports such as weight training, running, aerobics and plyometrics, and ice Rinks usually employ the use of rubber sports flooring. The reason is that rubber flooring offers numerous benefits. Consequently, here are some of the top benefits of sports facility rubber flooring.

1. Rubber Athletic Flooring has Great durability

When you use rubber sports flooring in a sports facility, you are guaranteed that the surface is able to last longer. This is made possible because of different reasons. First, rubber absorbs shock and is resilient. What is more, rubber as a material is sturdy enough to resist the impacts of heavy loads and activity and it is also both chemical and water resistance. Rubber surfaces resist scratching, wear, and tear.
You need to properly and frequently care for the rubber surface to guarantee you that it lasts longer without too much delicate procedures, several decades, even if subjected to daily sporting wear and tear.

2.  Rubber Athletic Flooring is Sturdy to resist heavy loads and activity impact

The sturdiness of rubber is made possible because of the fact that it has high density and it is resilient. Rubber athletic flooring is able to withstand the weight of heavy loads or activity and that is possible without breaking or bending.

The thicker a rubber floor is, the more it will be able to resist potential impacts of heavy loads and high activity without wear and tear. The rubber covering also plays an important role for the purpose of protecting both the floor and equipment from possible damage and cushioning the apparatuses from possible breaking.

3.  Rubber Athletic Flooring Naturally resilient and absorbs shock

Naturally, rubber is a flexible material that is resilient and helps with shock absorption, perfect for sports use. The resilience of rubber sports flooring is the reason why it feels comfortable and soft underfoot.
Generally, if the rubber is thicker, that means it is softer. To fashion thicker and softer rubber, it is usually added with fabric or foam-rubber backing. This added cushioning of rubber helps with reducing the potential occurrence of exhaustion and even injury. This is the main reason why vulcanized rubber sports’ flooring is preferred. The vulcanized rubber athletic flooring guarantees you maximum absorption of impacts including the violent ones, support leg extension, and reduce muscle stress.

4.  Rubber Athletic Flooring is water and chemical resistance

Most sports facility’s rubber flooring products last longer since they are generally resistant to both water and chemical effects. Hence, rubber flooring is not susceptible to mould, mildew, and staining associated with moisture and chemical.

5.  Good grip
If the material used for flooring does not provide a good grip or is slippery, then you may encounter a slip and fall accident. Rubberized sports flooring provides a good grip since it is non-slip. However, if a smooth floor rubber is wet, then it can be slippery. That is the reason why often rubber flooring is made with dimples or raised studs giving it a non-slip surface. Rubber floor mats that are fabricated for wet environments usually are perforated to allow draining of water and prevent potential slippage.

6.  Safety

Since a rubber floor covering is soft and resilient, athletes are able to be remarkably protected from possible slip and fall accident. The shock absorption and cushioning property of rubber ensures that athletes are safe. Rubber athletic flooring meets all the available standards for slip resistance, rotation, traction, stability, and surface abrasion set by the major sports federations and leagues across the world.

7.  Rubber Athletic Flooring has Ease of maintenance

Rubber flooring is able to resist most staining agents. For that reason, there are not many that can stain or discolour its surface. As well, as I had already said, rubber is resistant to moisture and so, not vulnerable to mould and mildew attacks.

To keep your rubber surface in the best possible condition to be able to last longer, all you need to do clean it regularly using a damp mop. If you want to thoroughly clean the rubber covering the floor surface, you can employ the use of a pH neutral floor cleaner since a strong detergent and abrasive floor cleaning liquids may harm the rubber surface.

8.  Rubber Athletic Flooring is sound absorbance

Rubber material possesses a natural ability to absorb sound and as a result help in noise reduction. This makes rubber a sound flooring option especially suitable for cavernous spaces and high-traffic areas where the sound produced bounces off the walls. The rubber material is able to absorb that sound and dampen the ambient noise and thus improve the comfort and efficiency of the environment.

9. Rubber Athletic Flooring is easy to install

Rubber flooring is easy to install and the rubber flooring formats to choose from are tiles, mats, and rolls. If you want the most versatile and easy to install rubber flooring option then choose mats. Rubber sports flooring is also available in the form of high density and perfectly made flat tiles also suitable for simple and easy installation using an adhesive. Puzzle rubber tiles even allow easy installation since they do not require the use of an adhesive because they click together. You simply lay down the tiles and connect the pieces using your own hand.

The disadvantage of rubber floor tiles is that they are used to provide a permanent flooring solution. If your desire is to install a rubber covering on your existing floor, you can employ the use of rubber sheets or rolls. Just understand that Rubber rolls installation is a bit more difficult. The rolls are heavy and challenging to set up and stick to the floor using a floor glue or double-sided floor tape.

10.  Rubber Athletic Flooring offers an array of style options

There was a time when the floor styling options using rubber were limited to slate grey and polished black. That is not the case anymore. Now, sports rubber flooring can be done using different varieties of textures and colours. The modern-day rubber flooring shades and styling options include leaf, coin, and diamond-plate textures. There are also different patterns available in the market representing wood and stone.

Another option is for you to fashion a customized colour mixture that is able to match the corporate or team colours. Moreover, you can mould rubber flooring to any particular configuration matching the sports facility layout and create it using the best possible colour to match the interior décor of a sports facility.

11.  Rubber Athletic Flooring is environmentally-friendly

Since rubber is durable, this reduces the need to replace frequently and helps in the conservation of our limited natural resources. As well, used rubber, such as from old car tires, can be recycled and this helps in reducing the amount of waste produced. Recycled rubber products do not pose any health or environmental risk according to EPA.

Even though a rubber surface is one of the best flooring choices for children playgrounds, gymnasiums, tennis courts, and other athletics and sports activities, however, for some sporting activities, it often produces too much friction. For that reason, rubber flooring may not be suitable for sporting activities such as martial arts and dancing that require the feet to turn on devoid of any grip.

In conclusion, before choosing a rubber flooring option, it is important that you consult the experts to help you make an informed decision and buy quality rubber flooring products from Fairmont Industries Sdn. Bhd. Through research and development, we have managed to fashion different rubber flooring products for different specific applications including for rubber playground flooring, recreational, and rubber sports flooring. Also, ensure you use the service of a professional rubber flooring installer to guarantee that you get the best possible service and that the life of the floor surface of the sports facility is prolonged.