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Outdoor Playground Rubber Flooring - What to Look For

When you need outdoor playground rubber flooring, it is important to take your time in choosing among all the choices that you have right in front of you. The last thing you would want to happen is to end up with the wrong decision and you will end up causing a few accidents now and then to happen to all the kids who try to play there. Since there are small kids, their parents are going to be worried sick and a lot of finger pointing will happen and it would be hard to be on the wrong end of that. Besides, the important thing here is the safety of all the people involved so that nobody would get hurt. A playground is there for the kids to have a lot of fun and not for someone to end up getting bandaged because of some unexpected happenings at the wrong time of the day. Of course, a lot of things could have caused that and that should be something that you must also look at.

Long Warranty

The longer the warranty is, the better it would be for all the people involved. Besides, that would mean the manufacturers are pretty confident with their outdoor playground flooring. They should have also used all the best materials in order to make the flooring pretty long lasting. Besides, they would not offer a long warranty if that is not the case. Believe it or not, there are some companies that actually offer a lifetime warranty. The five year one is the one that you are going to see pretty often so don't be surprised if that is what you come across when you ask for the length of their warranty.

Quick Delivery

You would want nothing more than to receive your outdoor playground flooring as soon as possible so it can be used right away. Nobody wants to be kept waiting so if they promise to send it in a fast and concise manner then that would certainly be good news on your part as you are dealing with a reliable prospect. If ever something gets in the way of their delivery like a storm, then they should tell you ahead of time. Of course, there are just a few things that we can't really prevent and those things should be understandable by the time you get there. They should give you a proper estimate regarding when they expect the price to be.


It must have been tried and tested by the right people in order to ensure that no accident would happen. Of course, they would do all the necessary things in order to ensure that kids will only play there. If ever they do get hurt, then that would be their own fault. This is why there should always be some guardians around them since you never really know when that is going to happen. When the tests are over, this should be one thing they are proud of because they succeeded with their mission of making the outdoor playground flooring as safe as possible for anyone who tries to use it as it can be used by any kid who sees it.

Flexible Installation

They must have met with you for a few minutes in order to find out how you would want it installed right in front of you. After all, it can be installed in so many ways and this is really not something you would want to do by yourself as it can take you long. That would eat up a lot of your time so you would want to just entrust this task to the professionals. They should have a few templates regarding how the entire thing will be set up and you can have your own. You can both have a meeting in order to decide what you are going to do with it when the time is right that you will finally have it done for your first place.

How is Poured Rubber Flooring Created?

Poured rubber flooring/surface is made of 2 layers, the first being the wear layer and the second being the cushion layer. They are poured into space where the flooring is done.


Since it is something that will get stepped on each day, the price should not be that high. As a matter of fact, you will most likely think about all of the other things you would need to spend on like the things you will put on the playground. Some good examples would be the slide and the swing as these things would certainly be a nice addition to your array of nice stuff that would be wonderful when the time is right. Surely, the kids should know the right time when to play with these things as there may be some things that would need a little bit of orientation and this is one of them. Add that to the fact that they should want a ton of customers and it would be hard to get sure buyers when your prices are a bit high. When you have competitors who basically sell the same thing then you would rather lower your prices in order to try and get ahead of them.

Once the outdoor playground rubber flooring finally gets to you, the next thing to do would be to check it out then test it. Besides, you would want nothing more than to feel confident with what was given to you. It is possible that something happened during the delivery and that it was not the same from the time when it was sent. It is so cool when you finally have it as your kids will have a ton of playing time when they finally get a lot of time in their hands. It is important to make sure that they prioritize school if ever they are still studying. Besides, that is a lot more important than just having to play a lot. When you have a kid, you would want to make sure this person learns the very basics in life as you never really know what is going to happen in the future so better make the most of the times you have with the kid right now.