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Wet Pour Surface

Ever seen the shiny, beautiful surface in children's playground, school, and nurseries? That is the wet-pour surface that entails a blended mixture of the rubber granules and polyurethane resin, which are laid on a surface. It is usually made of two layers.

The first layer is made of STYRENE-BUTADIENE RUBBER (SBR) that gives it its absorbing qualities. The second layer is made of ETHYLENE PROPYLENE DIENE MODIFIED (EPDM) this gives it the natural softness. The wet pour surface is laid on a hard sub-base, and it is porous which means it can be used all year round.

The wet pour can be laid to a variety of heights depending on the critical height to ensure the safety of the kids when paying with swings and climbing frames. It is also available in a variety of colors so you can play with the colors as you like to give you a beautiful surface.

Features of The Wet Pour Surfaces.
Easy of maintaining and cleaning.

With the wet-pour surface, you will only have to inspect the floor regularly to check if there is any damage. You will also have to sweep and mop to remove debris and remove dirt. This will enable you also to remove oil and chewing gum in case the kids dirt the surface.


The surface can endure all sorts of weather conditions, which makes it last longer, and there is no need for reinforcement.


It is laid in various colors, and this will create a beautiful place for children to have fun, colors are attractive to children and can be laid in different designs to make it even more appealing.


With the laying of the wet pour, safety is significant. The depth of lying depends on critical fall height such that if a child is to fall from a high level, then it is laid much deeper, and if the level of falling is lower than it is laid less deep.

Environmental friendly material.

Installation of this is considered to have less damage to the environment.

Absorbs SUN'S UV rays.

The surface is highly stable to the sun's rays, and thus color installed does not fade away.

The Benefits of The Wet-pour Surface Are:

Firstly, the surface is porous that it drains water quickly, which means even during the rainy season, the playing surface can also be used throughout the year.

Secondly, it is a low maintenance surface. It saves you time and money. When there is a little damage you can order a wet pour repair kit and do it yourself.

Thirdly, they are educational depending on how you install specifications. You can have numbers, alphabetical letters on the surface that can keep kids busy while playing.

Lastly, the Seamless surface is continuous, and this is to ensure there is no trip hazard.

Wet pour Playground Surface Designs.

It is a game played by kids in a playground. It can be played alone or by several kids. You draw a hopscotch design on the surface. Then you will throw a stone or a small object to land on a square. Hop through the other squares and skip the one that has the marker to the end. On your way back, you will pick your marker on the square.

Educational activities.

With this on the surface of the wet pour you install, alphabetical letters and numbers where kids can count and learn the letters while playing.

Geometric shapes.

This involves installing shapes such as the triangles, circles, rectangles, squares on the source for kids to have fun within this design.


In this design, you mark human child footprints on the surface, and you will get children stepping on them walking around.

Cartoon characters.

It involves marking the famous cartoon that the kids like on the surface, and you will find kids having fun themselves as they feel like their favorite characters are around.

Phonic activities.

It is the relationship between letters and the sound they make. And here letters are marked on the surfaces and kids can roll dices, take a walk or hop to the letter and pronounce it. There are a lot of games one can engage in phonic activities as alphabet ball, spin & rhyme, mystery bag and 4 in a row