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Poured In Place Rubber Playground Surfacing for Recreational and Athletic Flooring

There are quite a number of rubber playground flooring materials available in the market today, offering degrees of differentiation and usages. This wide variety of flooring materials often leaves people at a loss when it comes to deciding the most ideal material for their outdoor requirements. Anyone who loves class and value for money will hardly think about the blacktop surfaces or gravel of yesteryears.

But today’s innovative technology provides you with poured in place rubber playground surface options to match all your outdoor flooring requirements. What makes this a superior option? In fact, what are the advantages of poured in place rubber flooring and what are the uses of this kind of flooring for recreational and athletic requirements? Here we give you brief but insightful highlights about this and other questions that might be cracking your mind.

Advantages of Poured in Place Rubber Playground Surface

i)  Very Affordable and Versatile

Poured in place rubber playground surfacing is much more affordable than other competing approaches. A product of recycled rubber this product is by itself more affordable when compared to other rubberized surfaces. Since it’s quick to install this product saves on labour costs. There’s almost wastage when confirming this product to high-fall risk areas or uneven ground.

ii)  Unlimited Designs

Think of any playground design and the poured in place rubber fits the bill. Whether you prefer a specific colour or just the traditional blacktop these rubber surfaces allow for the broadest range of design options. Used in a school this material can be used to boost the school colours. Alternatively, if used in a public facility, for instance, the surface might contain colours that blend with the landscape or it can be designed to have some eye-catching patterns

iii)  High Degree of Safety

Safety in sports venues is critical. How does this material fair in this aspect? Unlike rolled surfaces or tiles which shift or compact over time, this poured in place rubber flooring never shifts or compacts over time regardless of the amount of traffic it handles. This is one thing that makes this kind of flooring a darling to recreational playground and athletic facilities.

iv)  Easy to Care and Clean

This flooring is easy to quite easy to clean; it is not abrasive and gives no room for microbial growth. One can actually get rid of any foreign object just by using a leaf blower. This easy to clean quality also makes poured in place rubber flooring the first choice for recreational playground and athletic facilities.

v)  Suitable for Themed Graphics

With this flooring material, it is easy to add colour and play value to suit the exact theme you require in your recreational playground or athletic venue.

vi)  Eco-friendly

Poured in place rubber playgrounds provide an excellent way to get rid of waste rubber. Such rubber would otherwise end up in landfills and emit toxic fumes to the environment. Where can you get this product easily and with utmost convenience?

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