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Benefits of Wet Rubber Pour Surface

Appropriate surfacing is essential for preventing accidents from happening. This is where your choice of surfacing plays part. Playgrounds should always be safe in terms of surfacing. This is the reason why planners are advised to go for safety surfacing of the grounds whether they are outdoors or indoor play area.

This is taking precautions against unwanted injuries and accidents. Wet pour rubber flooring is becoming more and more popular nowadays. More nurseries and schools are applying the wet pour rubber surface on their playgrounds as it is a requirement for safety standards.

We at the Fairmont want to make sure your playgrounds and sports ground are quite safe and eligible for use. We have the best rubber granules to be used for the wet pour rubber flooring. Our Ecolastic products such as EPDM fragments and Airethane PU commodity are among the best rubber granules to apply and avoid unnecessary accidents.

Here are the merits of involving wet pour rubber in surfacing:

1.  Suitable for Uneven Flooring Surfaces
Wet pour rubber may be applied on flat grounds or generally surfaces that are not even. A good example is it can be put on tree bases which definitely are uneven grounds. Playgrounds with lots of potholes can also be applied the rubber flooring.

2.  Wide Choice of Thickness
Wet pour safety surfacing ought to be professionally fixed. Nevertheless, you have the choice to select what thickness is to be applied when installing the wet floor surface. The thickness will obviously depend on matters like what the area is going to be used for and maybe what type of equipment is going to be fixed there.

3.  Great Resistance to Weather and Climate Changes
Our wet pour surfacing products are weather resistant. You will relish your favorite sports whether it is windy or rainy or sunny. The materials make the surfaces to be highly durable and weather resistant in nature.

The wet pour rubber surface is safe to play or operate on even when wet. It does not become slippery because of water. The durability of our products makes the surfaces able to withstand any adverse weather changes that may occur.

They do not require any reinforcements to make them withstand the harsh weather. Cracks may also not be observed on these surfaces as the materials we make are damage proof with great resistivity.

4.  Customizable
Another admirable merit of wet pour safety surfacing is that it can be made to suit your requirement. Wet pour rubber is readily available in a variety of colors and can be fixed according to your specifications.

You are able to select a wet pour rubber flooring of your own thickness, size and also make any adjustments you need on the wet pour rubber surface. Some of the surfaces are even obtainable in conventional black which you may design it to what you prefer.

You can select the aesthetics that is suitable for the environment you are in.

The wet pour rubber flooring is very versatile in nature. It can be used in many places such as water parks, theme parks, adventure parks, sporting grounds, schools, etc. It has got many benefits to say.

If you are looking for a company that provides the best-wet pour surface products then the Fairmont is your go-to resort as we provide you with quality materials.