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What is EPDM Colored Rubber Granules

Finding the most suitable floor material for playgrounds have forced companies to find an alternative to ensure durability and maximum safety. EPDM colored rubber granules continue to gain popularity in the establishment of commercial and private sports playgrounds enabled by its multifunctional design. EPDM colored rubber granules feature a unique construction that combines the use of special polymer compounds and various components to deliver a versatile and lasting material. The structure provides an aesthetic, durable, and highly resistant to UV material that offers an alternative to sports ground floors.

Benefits of EPDM Colored Rubber Granules

  • Durable, robust and highly resilient
  • The colored rubber granules involve a highly resilient synthetic process that delivers durable, long-lasting, and sturdy granules that's suitable for various applications. It combines exclusive polymers that make it resistant to wear and tear, thus ideal for dense traffic areas such as sports grounds. Furthermore, the material offers resistance to extreme outdoor conditions, therefore ideal for comfortable use in all seasons.

  • Combines power and breathable
  • The material also comes in a breathable design that promotes breathability, which ensures free air circulation, which dissipates heat away. It's also highly resistant to excessive heat where it can withstand excess heat excessive heat where it can comfortably support activities under excess heat conditions. It does not deform but offers high elasticity that ensures maximum comfort and safety. The material also features heavy-duty construction that provides extra power and resilience to extreme activities such as sports maneuvers.

  • Allows water permeability
  • The material does not retain water but allows easy penetration of water where it easily drains and dries within minutes, thus enabling the sports activities to continue. The EPDM colored rubber granules also promote friction that ensures anti-skid qualities, thus allowing the players to make maneuvers without sustaining on the floor when they fall. Likewise, the rubber granules provide stability and balance, thus supporting most of the activities.

  • Environmental friendly EPDM colored rubber granules
  • The colored rubber granules offer high efficiency where it does not dirt the ground, thus making it easier to clean and maintain within the shortest time possible. Likewise, the construction combines renewable polymers and compounds that do not litter or cause harm to the environment. The material also absorbs sounds and noise, thus suitable for places that require minimal noise. It promotes a sound free environment that makes it ideal for most of the places where minimal noise is a factor.

  • Offers versatility
  • As a result of it's unique and highly resilient construction to most of the extreme conditions, the colored rubber granules offers versatility where it's applicable in various sectors from sports grounds to industrial application. The colored rubber granules offer high efficiency that makes it versatile for multiple applications. With it's durable, resistant to wear and tear, the material provides sturdiness and stability for maximum safety. It's easy to maintain where it requires minimal maintenance for a long period.

  • Applications of EPDM colored rubber granules
  • The colored rubber granules come in a unique design that provides versatility where it finds applications in various sectors. It has found its way in the construction of sports grounds floors from commercial playground floors, courtyards, multipurpose athletic tracks, school floors, industrial floors, multipurpose playgrounds, and more. The rubber granules come in a shock-absorbing design that ensures maximum protection to players when thy fall when in action. It's also elastic, resistant to shocks, and also highly resistant to wear and tear, thus withstanding extreme activities.

    Installing EPDM colored rubber granules requires a professional who has the skills and expertise of the rubber granules. Fairmontindustries provide the best rubber granules for various applications. They can install the best rubber granules on its own or apply the mixture on polyurethane that self-levels to gain the most suitable level ground. The experts also understand the most appropriate combination to combine with polyurethane binders to ensure maximum durability and stability.

  • Summary
  • Fairmont industries understand the best EPDM colored rubber granules that are suitable for any sports playgrounds. They have the expertise to install the rubber granules on any ground, thus making it safe and ideal for the prospected sports action. The professionals avail the rubber granules in various colours that match the playground requirements. For higher efficiency, the company also delivers custom EPDM colored rubber granules flooring for all types of playgrounds and any other flooring that you might need. The experts understand when to clean when to perform regular maintenance, where they also replace the EPDM colored rubber granules when the need comes.