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Pros & Cons: Poured In Place Rubber Playground Surfacing

While choosing materials for the surface of the playground you will have to be very careful as it has to be used by children and experience huge footfall. A poured in place rubber playground surfacing can be the best choice for you due to several benefits of wet pour rubber flooring discussed her under.

Pros of Poured In Place Rubber Surfacing

Safety: The rubber surface of the playground is safer than any other option including rubber mulch and wood chips. Most of the kids and parents complain about injuries caused by the pieces and splinters of wood chips or rubber mulch piercing into their clothes, shoes, skin, and eyes, etc. Moreover, a paved surface can also deteriorate with time. A surface of poured rubber will be soft, safe and durable for the playground.

Allergies and accessibility: When rubber is poured to make a playground surface then neither the administrator of the playground nor the parents has to worry about the sensitivity from the chemicals as high-quality natural rubber is used for this purpose. Normally SBR and EPDM rubbers are used for pouring a playground surface as they help in keeping the surface flexible and flat as well as resistant to severe weather and temperatures. Moreover, it may not aggravate allergies, irritate sensitive skin, and other health problems like caused by harsh chemicals, wood, metal, and other similar materials.

Cost: The playground surface made of poured in rubber will be more cost-effective than any other material as you need not spend a lot on its annual maintenance. On average it may not need any maintenance before 10 years, depending on footfall on it. Even after 10 years, the maintenance of the rubber surface is very simple. You only have to coat its surface with the weather and wear-resistant materials. However, if the traffic is very high then you may have to pour a top layer on the present top layer of the surface.

Quality: Playground surface by pouring in rubber is made from high-quality rubber so that children can play on it safely. Moreover, you can design the surface in different colors, depths, sizes, and shapes according to your requirements. You can also include the logo and color of your school as well as provide permanent surfaces to play different games. Furthermore, these surfaces are easy to clean and maintain.

Prevent injury: Playgrounds with rubber surfaces will prevent injuries as they are softer and more shock-absorbing than any other material including bark mulch, pea gravel or sand. Children are less likely to be injured when they fall from the equipment or while running or playing on it. Though solid rubber surface is also considered safe but it can cause injury in some cases.

Easy installation: This cost-effective and safest surface for playgrounds can be installed very easily. The materials of poured in place rubber surfaces are mixed and spread by hand at the spot. You can see videos online to know more about the installation process.

Cons of Poured In Place Rubber Surface

Everything that has benefits should also have drawbacks and poured in place rubber playground surfacing is not an exception. Some of the drawbacks of poured in place rubber playground surface include:

  • Initially, it is expensive.
  • Installation professionals are required for its installation.
  • Rubber is flammable.
  • You will have to be careful about the quality of the rubber
  • Risk of tripping can increase with time as its edges can curl or expand or it can become hard.
  • To prevent compaction of the surface it has to be vacuumed or swept regularly.
  • The top layer of the surface can become slippery with time due to loose debris like dirt, small stones and sand on it.
  • The top layer can become abrasive and its drainage system can be blocked due to the accumulation of fine particles in its pores.
  • To remove spills and deposits from the rubber surface a sophisticated cleaning is necessary as they cannot be drained out otherwise. You will have to use calcium chloride to remove snow and ice from it and STPP solution or borax to remove stains of vomit, nasal discharge, and urine. You will have to wash it with liquid detergent to remove stains of juice and soda.

Thus, the information provided in this write-up will help you in making a well-informed decision for installing a poured-in-place rubber surface in your playground.