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Pros and Cons of Rubber Granules for Playground Surfacing

Developing a safe and suitable playground for commercial purposes requires you consider all the factors including safety, comfort, and reliability towards performance. One of the challenges that will exhibit itself is selecting the most suitable material that can withstand the heavy traffic every day from players. It requires you to consult the experts, conduct research until you have reliable information that can help you decide. After thorough research, you realize that Rubber Granules for playground surfaces is getting more popular and prominent as one of the best, trending and modern material. Rubber granules continue to gain popularity as it provides safety, comfort and does not with fast like the grass, which requires watering and maintenance every day. If you decide to use Rubber Granules for playground flooring, here are some of the Pros and Cons that you need to understand so that you can weigh your options.

Safety and Injury Prevention

The first consideration to make is the safety of the playground. You need to ensure the maximum safety of the players every time they come on the pitch. Rubber granules provide maximum safety where it prevents individuals from scratches and injuries when they fall. Any game involves vigorous body activities where a player is prone to fall at any time. Rubber granules come in various forms from Pour-in-place commonly referred to as PIP and also the to rubber granules to pour on the surface. Rubber granules feature unique qualities such as durability, soft, smooth, and players that can't splint easily.


Unlike grass playgrounds, rubber granules last for long, thus promoting efficiency and convenience. You don't have to water and more the grass and also more where it's costly to keep up with the maintenance required in grass playgrounds. Once you pour rubber granules on the playground, you have the confidence that players are safe and thus keeping you out of trouble and numerous injury cases. The rubber endures heavy traffic even if used every day and every hour, thus making it easier to maintain the playground at a lower cost.

Rubber granules act as a shock absorbent, where it passes various body safety standards. The best rubber granules playground features several inches from the ground, thus ensuring that the players can't feel the impact of the ground whenever they fall. Before you purchase the rubber granules for your playground, it's always necessary to consult a professional such as Fairmont rubber industry experts. They have the skills and knowledge where they will install the best and premium rubber granules on your playground for maximum safety.

Non-slippery and healthy

Rubber granules for playground flooring promote higher friction as it has a non-slippery and porous texture that promotes a good grip even when the surface is wet or when raining. The rubber granules promote stability, resilience thus enabling the players to play during any weather conditions. Rubber granules also come to the natural rubber, hence free from chemicals, metal, elements and any other material that may cause discomfort. The rubber granules used also features environmental-friendly characteristics, therefore suitable for use in the playgrounds without degrading the surrounding environment.


Maintaining a rubber granule playground comes at a lower cost where you only need to incur the installation cost. Once you install rubber granules for playground surfacing, it's easier to refill the rubber granules as they continue to depreciate. It's also simple to perform the repairs on the flooring once you detect some damages and also add some granules after repairs. It takes a long while before any maintenance is required as rubber granules promote durability, thus a pocket-friendly option.


Depending on the quality of the rubber granules used, some cons may exhibit. Poorly manufactured rubber granules may be susceptible to bacteria and fungus and provide breeding habitat for the organisms, thus posing a health danger.

Recycled rubber may also contain some pieces of wires if not properly recycled. The small pieces of wires and other materials may pose a danger and its therefore necessary to use high-quality rubber granules for playground flooring from a professional

It's also necessary to install the rubber granules at the desired depth to provide the reliable surface that can absorb the shocks and the impact when the players fall when in action.

To prevent mistakes, it's necessary to work with a professional who can handle the task of laying out the most appropriate and safe rubber granules for playground flooring. Fairmont rubber industry experts have the expertise and skills in any rubber materials for playground flooring. They deliver the highest-quality rubber granules for your playground, install the entire playground at the most affordable cost. They have the most reliable customer support who will listen to your needs and provide the solution right away. The experts will ensure that you have established the best and safer playground for both adults and kids where you need to contact them right away.