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EPDM Rubber Flooring For Playground Safety Surfacing

Safety issues are one of the most important aspects in any playground. This is because a playground that is not safe puts the people using it at risk of being injured regardless of whether they are adults or children. The surface of a safe playground should be in a way that even if one falls there should be no injuries or minimal injuries. One of the most effective ways of enhancing safety in any playground is to use EPDM rubber granules. This is because these granules are designed in a way that they can be used in almost any playgrounds. All what one needs is to get the granules from a competent company manufacturing the EPDM rubber granules such as Fairmont Industries.

Some of the qualities that make EPDM rubber flooring ideal for any playground is that the granules are suitable for all weather. This means that the granules are usually not affected by weather. Even if it rains they will still remain in good condition. The water drains easily consequently leaving the surface in good condition. The fact that water flows easily also ensures that the flooring will not freeze in winter. Furthermore, this kind of surface is slip resistant which plays a big role in reducing chances of accident happening.

Another important feature of this EPDM playground safety surfacing is that it is very durable. When put on a playground it remains in good condition for a long time without needing to be replaced. The fact that it is not affected by any weather condition means that it is not easily damaged. The granules do not get into shoes the way sand does. They also do not mix with the soil when it rains and this plays an important role in ensuring that the flooring remains in good condition for a long time.

There are about twenty colours to choose from, they will definitely find a way to suit your interior design. This means that it is possible to either choose a colour of choice or mix several colours depending on preferences. Users are given the freedom to apply their creativity to produce the desired results. There are even options to incorporate creative ideas such as logos and other images in the playground floors. The EPDM can also be installed in different shapes where one can easily choose a customized shape. This further provides an ideal opportunity to incorporate imagination in the design of the playground floor.

EPDM rubber flooring has been tested and certified to be of the right quality. This means that the granules have been taken through various tests to make sure that they have met the various standards. This is important because it confirms that they are ideal to be used in almost all kinds of playgrounds. Besides being tested they are also environmental friendly. In fact, there are options where they are made using recycled materials. This is a big issue especially in the current days where everyone needs to conserve the environment.

To ensure that the EPDM rubber granules are put in place in the right manner it is paramount to get them from a reliable manufacturer. Fairmount Industries have proven themselves as the leaders when it comes to manufacturing the EPDM rubber granules. This company has been dealing with sports safety for almost two decades. This shows that the company has a good understanding of sports safety including playground safety surfacing. The company manufactures top quality products with an objective of ensuring that all clients are optimally satisfied. It has also invested heavily in state of the art tools which are used to manufacture the granules. The company has a huge capacity where it can manufacture huge quantities of EPDM granules within a short time. This means that orders are not delayed provided one places the order in time.

To order from Fairmont Industries, one just needs to visit the official website of the company. The website is very navigation friendly and interactive therefore making it extremely easy to use. On this website there are details regarding the EPDM granules that the company manufacture. There are also clear images showing playgrounds and other areas where the granules have been used. There are also different communication modes where one can easily get in touch with the company. This is helpful for anyone who might have questions or a person who would like to place an order. Therefore, to enjoy all the benefits of the EPDM rubber granules manufactured by Fairmont Industries one just needs to contact the company.